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Build faster, with Wix & Webflow 



At STEP-1, we design great, high-converting and scalable Wix & Webflow websites for startups and companies worldwide.

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WIX & Webflow Design & Development 

At STEP-1 we are not a typical web design & development agency. Unlike many others, we are highly experienced in Wix & Webflow, and can build anything from a simple site, to a crazy complex site with tens of custom animations.

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Premium Design

We don’t just make your website look amazing, we also focus on conveying the right brand message and creating a high-converting website and funnel design.

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Responsive Design

Responsive design is not a perk, it’s a must. Because of this, we optimize your website so it's perfectly responsive no matter which device you browse on.

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Lightning fast

No one likes slow websites. That’s why we optimize even the smallest details to have a lightning fast website speed, so you never lose a customer due to a slow load.

WIX & Webflow Design & Development 

Modular Design

All our WIX & Webflow websites are perfectly modular, so you can re-use website sections to easily create new pages without any extra work.

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Integrations & Iteration

We help you integrate your website using NoCode tools, So in the future you can easily iterate it as your business grows.

WIX & Webflow Design & Development 

WIX & Webflow Experts

We have experience from A to Z, and can help you with any kind of project, no matter if it's easy to advanced.

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