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Idea to Prototype

A minimum viable product in just 3 weeks

Week 0

Schedule the 1st meeting

Step 1 will have a video conversation with you to better grasp your great concept. Your concept can take any shape: it could be rough, polished, or highly detailed.

Competition Scan

We research the product landscape to see how other companies are achieving business goals and fulfilling market and consumer needs.

Week 1

Define the Product Proposition

We articulate the opportunity / gap in the market that we’re addressing. This forces clarity on key differentiators and the product’s essence.

Craft Key Personas

We craft key personas that best represent the target users that helps us frame the product in their context.

Define the Jobs To Be Done

Statements that describe important features as ‘Situation - Motivation - Outcome' for the user

Brainstorm - How Might We’s

We convert problem statements into creative solutions by framing your challenge as a How Might We, which are then evaluated before wireframing.

Week 2


We create a low-fidelity layout of each screen that is structurally sound and serves as blueprint for the final visual design.

User Flow

We create a map of how the user will flow through the product, from the entry point through the final interaction..