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Great ideas are designed here.
We conceptualize, consult and design world-class products and services for ambitious individuals, startups and enterprises
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Hi, we are Step1!

We’re a team of UX fanatics and product experts trusted by teams big and small to launch new products. 

We shape ideas into products. We help individuals, startups and enterprises launch their next project.

Always keeping the user in mind, our focus is on building the best digital products with the most ambitious teams — and having fun while doing so.

We help you take the first step for your next billion dollar idea.

Schedule a free 30-minute video consultation with Step1 consultant




global brands


verticals including Fintech, BFSI, Government, Health and others




A good process produces great results.

Here's how we turn your idea into a working concept



Book a free 30-minute video call with Step1. Your idea can be in any shape - raw, refined or super detailed.



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We help you take your idea to a working prototype for your investment or development needs.



Choose from the design packages available. 

Packages available on basis of the count of screens



Our design sprints help you review the created designs faster. 



We handoff the complete designs to you in the promised delivery timelines.



Services we offer


UI/UX Audit

Product Strategy

Innovation Consulting

UI/UX Design

Visual Design




We have a general idea for a product but need help in structuring features.

We will guide you to translate your ideas into a product map with a clear structure. It's a collaborative process, where sketches and analysis converge in show and tell sessions. Gradually we'll evolve the sketches into a prototype design that embodies your ideas.

We have sketches and want to produce an interactive prototype.

That's a great start, we'll be able to come on board quickly. In an initial product design workshop we'll ideate based on what you have and then we will design high fidelity wireframes that capture the essence of the product. You'll enjoy the collaborative nature of this process.

We want to showcase our idea to backers in a persuasive way.

There are many ways in which we can help: from simple illustrations, to pitch decks and fully fledged concept designs. We'll work together towards the milestones you set, and support you in every phase of your journey.

We want to build an interactive prototype for initial user validation.

We have a lot of experience in designing prototypes for data gathering, even for unusual products. We'll help you identify the aspects that deserve the most attention, conceive a test scenario and create appropriate prototype designs. Of course we can help with interpreting the data and making thoughtful improvements based on the results.

We're at the very beginning of our journey and need an experienced partner to guide us.

We'll bring you on board the mothership and we'll go on a journey together. You have market insight and the thirst to build a business. We are your trusted advisor who has been to places. As things unfold, our product designers, user experience designers, technologists and other senior experts will fuel the growth of your idea.

We have a feature list and sketches, and we want to develop them into a real product.

You'll discover how fun creative collaboration can be. The starting point will be a product design workshop. Then we will create wireframes to develop the product design in iterations, through to the user interface. It's a smooth evolution from sketches to the launch of the MVP.

We have developed a working prototype and want to move to the next level with user experience design.

You may be surprised how quickly we catch on. Our product design process is thoughtful and predictable in the way it brings to life the backend capabilities you've already put in place.

We have launched our product but need a mature user experience design partner to grow.

We are experienced in evolving the user experience of digital products in a way that doesn't upset existing users. We'll put together a reliable product design plan with a team of product designers, user experience designers and UI designers.

Design packages